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Our Services include:

Ore Reclamation & Social Redistribution

Environmental Waste Reduction

Taxation Arbitration

Disclaimer: We are not your mom. We are not your girlfriend. We do not care about your fee fees or your widdle scwapes.

Did we make you angry? Good. That means you did something in the game that was useful to someone.

We are entertained. Please continue.

Welcome to a new day in High security space! By the will of the people, Ore shall be plentiful.


Too many pretentious capsuleers believe that the resources of New Eden are theirs to horde for their unscrupulous desires for newer and “shinier” ships.

Meanwhile, on thousands of planets around the cluster, children starve and die in squalor, ignored by the elite in the heavens.

Additionally, these foul miscreants demand “taxes” should you try to partake of the resources the cluster has given us freely. They seek to make you PAY for what is rightfully yours but NOT paying for proper mining certifications in accordance with  THE NEW HALAIMA CODE OF CONDUCT itself!

We stand against this elitist tyranny, like a beacon of light against the darkness, as the PEOPLE of New Eden, and we are compelled to act in their best interests.


ZerO Enterprises is an effort to establish free trade and anarcho-sociocapitalist principles across the New Eden cluster.

At ZR0-E, We strive to provide the necessary education, information, and evaluation that will allow the continued longevity of the capsuleer community and enrich the New Eden cluster. 

Our primary goal is, and always will be, to help others give for the betterment of all citizens of New Eden. We will strive to provide the very best services to ensure all lead productive, happy, and long lives.

We are humanitarians, in the strongest sense imaginable. Our gracious and giving philosophies will enrich and change High Security space and make it a heaven within the heavens.


Some of the benefits of joining:

  • Instant access to any and all moon mining fields in every 0.5 security system in the New Eden Cluster!
  • 100% .CODE certified. You are protected under the New Halaima Code of Conduct!
  • Remain an independent corporation within a larger organization intent on making the cluster a better place!
  • No War Decs! We own no stations so as to keep our mission pure and about the customers we serve.
  • Not a miner? NO PROBLEM! We have interests in corporations and players interested in asset reallocation, space junk reduction specialists, trade route security, and low security space manufacturing and area pacification.

What is EVE Online?

EVE Online is an MMORPG that has been going strong for over 15-years now.

Are you a sci-fi nerd? Do you like games that are more complicated than point and shoot? Like trying to build an empire? EVE is exactly the game you want to play. 

Strategy over twitch-based reflexes, patience, and cunning. Check out Eve Online.

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Just the F*cking FAQs

By not becoming a CODE. Certified mining organization, you are wrong.

The Ore is for the PEOPLE, and we are the PEOPLE.

It’s very simple, really. You dissolve all your facility holdings to another corporation, of our choosing, and you join us.

We are the NEW ORDER.

At Zer0 Enterprises, we are firm believers that stagnation means death and adaptation, AKA chaos, means life.

For too long, the New Eden cluster has been in the tyrannical grip of the elitist bourgeoisie. We are here to change that.

We give the power back to the PEOPLE of New Eden. The forgotten youth on Pator. The downtrodden blue collar worker on Caldari Prime. The pious and devout worshiper on Amarr Prime. The promiscuous woman who showed us her tits at that Gallente station.

We love you, however.

Change can be painful, we understand, but change we must.

We have become fat on the land in High Security space. Not fit for human consumption. We must learn come together as one, under the NEW ORDER, with the NEW HALAIMA CODE OF CONDUCT as our guide.

Together, we can achieve the impossible. You will see our path is for the better of all in the New Eden cluster.