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Alliance News, Announcements, & Opinion

  • EVE Cinematic Retrospective with CCP Zond 3 2020-04-03
    Hello spacefriends! Last weekend we hosted an epic stream on the CCP Twitch channel where the EVE community gathered together for a Clear Skies marathon with series creator Ian Chisholm. It was a big hit with the players and the feels were real, so let's go again! As a follow up to that event, and […]
  • PLEX For GOOD - COVID-19 2020-04-03
    Dear EVE Online community, This month marked my 20th anniversary working for CCP. Over the past two decades I have watched our community grow from strength to strength. From starting meta gaming on the EVE Forums before the game was even out, to the world record fleet fights, the prowess of the community around EVE […]
  • Eclipse - Quadrant 2 is Coming to EVE Online! 2020-04-02
    EVE Online's Quadrant 2 is called "Eclipse" and its arrival is imminent! Kicking off on 6 April, the overall theme will revolve around shifting the balance of power in New Eden. The Fight or Flight Quadrant was fantastic, featuring a wide variety of highlights such as the Frigate Escape Bay, Loyalty to Lowsec, From Wormholes […]