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Our Services include:

Ore Reclamation & Social Redistribution

Environmental Waste Reduction

Taxation Arbitration

Disclaimer: We are not your mom. We are not your girlfriend. We do not care about your fee fees or your widdle scwapes.

Did we make you angry? Good. That means you did something in the game that was useful to someone.

We are entertained. Please continue.

Miner’s Rejoice! Are you tired of being ganked and griefed for simply wanting to mine? Are you tired of having your day interrupted by those that don’t agree with your lifestyle?

We offer the best of alternatives!

Join Club Zer0 and enjoy our New Halaima fresh, certified mining permit.

No longer do you need to worry about making sure you have the proper permits yourself. We’ve done it for you!

Our CODE. Approved mining permit allows us mining privileges in any High Security field in New Eden. Mine unmolested!

What do you want to do in Eve?

You want to mine. We do it.

Anything else you can think of? Maybe you want to pirate? Be a pirate!

We have no rules that would deny you entry into our corporation. If you’re an alt-spy, join up! You’ll find you make more ISK with us and you’ll see the light of day.

Jita -10%. Period.

Maverick Destro – King Cunt

Angus Thermopollye – Boss Cunt

Kaylon Chakaid – Angry Cunt

pulse1976 – Quiet Cunt

Khadria Ulutek – Sexy Cunt