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Our Services include:

Ore Reclamation & Social Redistribution

Environmental Waste Reduction

Taxation Arbitration

Disclaimer: We are not your mom. We are not your girlfriend. We do not care about your fee fees or your widdle scwapes.

Did we make you angry? Good. That means you did something in the game that was useful to someone.

We are entertained. Please continue.

[IMPORTANT] How we operate.

The ore is not yours.

I know that comes as a striking blow to many out there that feel their moons and fields are their “property.”

They are not. They belong to the PEOPLE. We are the PEOPLE.

We in Zer0 Enterprises are simply Taxmen, collecting what is due to the PEOPLE of New Eden.

At some point, there’s a good likelihood we’ll show up in your field to mine what you consider to be “your ore.” Here are some tips you can follow in order to work with us to pay your taxes!

  1. Don’t talk shit. While we do enjoy it, it’s better to just let the Taxmen do their job.
  2. Don’t bump or interfere with our operation. This will be considered a direct violation of the Taxmen doing their job and will result in the same.
  3. Contact CODE. and purchase the proper permits, be able to display and verify them, and the taxes will go down.

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing.

Happiness, peace, contentment… a thing denied to non-capsuleers every day. We will change that and we will make New Eden a better place.