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Our Services include:

Ore Reclamation & Social Redistribution

Environmental Waste Reduction

Taxation Arbitration

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Ore Reclamation & Social Redistribution

For far too long, elitist capsuleers have grown fat on the wealth of the New Eden cluster with no regard to the trillions of citizens that have not been gifted their capabilities.

The leadership at Zer0 Enterprises tried all the things.

We tried to make diplomatic bonds with others, in an attempt to foster goodwill among capsuleers and provide for the needs of the many on the planets below them.

We allied ourselves with people/organizations that felt their needs were all that mattered and that they knew what was best for all. Their hubris tasted like bile and gluttony on our tongues.

It was all for naught. Too often, the thirst for power outweighs the need to feed the poor. And we could no longer stand for this.

We took a new path.

We were not unfamiliar with the New Halaima Code of Conduct, but we had never stopped to consider how abiding by the Code would allow us to conduct our business in peace and reclaim the ore that rightfully belonged to the people.

We unburdened ourselves of our facilities and our carebear mentality, instead focusing on the needs of the trillions of non-capsuleers cluster-wide. Now, we work for them, under the grace of James 315, and as followers of the Code.

Our business is simple: we reclaim the ore rightfully stolen from the people, turn it into liquid ISK, and then we fund orphanages, tech development, and toys for tots so the little people can be given reward as well.

You do not own the ore. None of you do. We are simply doing the right thing for the people, instead of doing the wrong thing for ourselves.