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Theorycrafting/Management Tools

PyEveLiveDPS – PyEveLiveDPS (PELD) is a live DPS calculator and grapher for many combat statistics

EVE Ref – EVE Online reference site with full item database and stats.

GESI – Google Sheets script to interact with ESI.

Clone Guard – Never lose another training clone: Notifies you if you forgot to switch to the right clone

Eve Fleet Simulator – Simulate fleet PvP and compare/analyse fits and hulls.

EVE Workbench – EVE Workbench is a web based tool for the EVE community, allowing players to browse the market, create haul routes and browse & share fittings.

eve-calendars.com – Convenient out-of-game access to character’s calendar. Allows players to use their favourite calendar app on the desktop or mobile as also see events in their preferred time zone.

zKillboard – A website for killmail presentation and statistical aggregation.

EveSkillboard – Skill sheet for displaying skills, standings, implants, employment history, ships and provide an XML dump to import into Evemon/Pyfa.

Fleet Tools

Capri’s Tools – A suite of fleet scan tools including live fleet scans via ESI

Fitting Tools

Pyfa – allows you to create, experiment with, and save ship fittings without being in game.

Character Management

Cerebral – Cerebral is a tool for monitoring your EVE Online characters.

EVIE – EVIE is an EVE Online API interface, for either a quick overview or in-depth information about your characters. Supports adding characters from multiple accounts into one overview.

EVE Data – A collection of tools to help capsuleers including:


Discord Tools

MarketBot – A Discord bot for fetching the best item prices and other market data.

Firetail – A discord bot that can provide killmails, price checks, group and character lookups and more..

Keepstar – An easy way to authenticate discord users against their ingame persona. Restrict roles based off of corps and alliances.

Opux – A Discord bot that provides various lookups and killmail feeds as well as Discord Role management.

Insight – Killboard and radar streaming service for Discord.

Manufacturing Tools

Eve Cost – Calculate what you need to make anything and profit margins. Also has invention and refining calculators.

Fuzzworks – Fuzzworks – many very, very useful tools including but not limited to Industry, stats, calculators, and route planners. Fuzzwork github

Eve-check – Interactive polymer reactions scheme

Adam4EVE – A collection of industry related tools including Manufacturing profitability, Reprocessing profitability, Material influence, Cost index history and more

Eve Mail

Fuzzwork Mail – Fuzzwork Evemail, an ESI Evemail client. Clientside based, no storage.

PodMail – PodMail, an ESI EveMail client. Mobile friendly web platform for accessing your evemails.

Spacemail – Spacemail, ESI Mail and Calendar client. Responsive open-source web-app.


Dotlan – The ONLY eve map site you will ever need peroid. Jump planning, and route planning. A lot of info too much to list.

Eveeye Explorer – Interactive k-space maps + chain mapping.

Slazangers Map Tool (SMT) – Character/intel tracking, waypoint manipulation, live data for all your hunting/travelling needs(ratting, deaths, jumps etc) and some helpers for relic/data exploration

Eve Gate Camp Check – Navigation specifically tuned towards kills happening at gates.

EveWho – List members of a corp or alliance from out of game.

SeAT – SeAT is a EVE Online Corporation Management Tool written in PHP.

Eve Incursions – provides an overview of the current incursions, active communities and incursion rat information.

EVE PRISM – tool for gathering and analyzing information intended for PvP-oriented players that also works as a gorgeous screensaver

Near2 – Tactical Intelligence Organizer. Realtime intel/map tool.

Spyglass – Real time visual intelligence rendering

IMP – Eve Online Intelligence Management Program

PySpy – A powerful and fast character intel tool. Just copy past & paste pilot names from local. Great for hunting, fleet scouting and solo / small gang PVP.

PLH – Pirate’s Little Helper provides a whole toolbox for finding targets, avoiding ganks and much more.

TheraBot – A Discord bot that posts notifications of newly scouted wormhole connections to Thera.

Tripwire – wormhole mapping tool

Siggy – wormhole mapping tool

Pathfinder – wormhole mapping tool

anoik.is – Wormhole info tool. Tells you about the WH and who is probably in it. Battles and links to zkillboard for kills.

eve-wh.space – Information about wormhole systems, WH sites; WH database. Integration with ESI, zKillboard. Focused on minimalistic UI and usability.

Short Circuit – tool for finding shortest path between systems using Tripwire wormhole connections.

Market Tools

EVE Trade – a tool to fill the gaps that EVE Central left behind. It allows users to find great deals when it comes to station trading or hauling. The tool will run market analysis on station to station trades as well as region to region trades (public citadels included).

Eve Traders Handbook – a multi-purpose web application for traders, importers, and manufacturers.

REvernus – Inventory and market data (Windows/MacOSX application).

ISK Per Hour EVE – Isk per Hour is a Windows program that allows players of EVE Online to determine ways to maximize their Isk per Hour through manufacturing, mining, invention, and reverse engineering.

EveKit – Market – Market price history and book data (including complete history). Use JSON/REST or Swagger generated clients.

EveMarketTool – Bulk price check and find the items with the best trade flipping margins.

EVEMarketer – Web client to check prices and orders of all items in multiple regions that looks a lot like the in-game market.

Lazy Blacksmith – web based manufacturing/invention helper with price and profit support

Priceall – a tool that checks Jita price of any item list with a single click without leaving game window. It is built upon Evepraisal. The tool as a widget supports various customization options including size, color, and opacity.

Abyssal Market – Web-based tool for searching through, appraising and buying abyssal modules that are available on the contract market.

EVE Market Watch – EVE Market Watch helps you keep markets stocked.

Adam4EVE – A collection of market related tools and statistics including Margin finder, Market trends, Contract prices, Contract profit and more

EveShopper – A small app designed to make bulk buying easier, and is aso useful for miners/industry players.

Venal – A CLI alternative for Evernus Margin tool aimed at quick market reconnaissance and price updating.

Eve Insurance Fraud – Discover profitable ships from a specific regions market to buy off Sell order, insure and blow up!