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Ore Reclamation & Social Redistribution

Environmental Waste Reduction

Taxation Arbitration

Disclaimer: We are not your mom. We are not your girlfriend. We do not care about your fee fees or your widdle scwapes.

Did we make you angry? Good. That means you did something in the game that was useful to someone.

We are entertained. Please continue.

Why the New Halaima Code of Conduct?

Trust me. I hear you.

I’ve been mining in this game since 2007. I was there at the beginning of Hulkgeddon. I saw the carnage firsthand. No matter what changes were made, the gankers adapted. They came up with new and interesting ways to kill the miner.

No matter how much work I put into trying to build new corporations or alliances, we would get hit by the griefers and gankers. Crushed before we even began.

Sov space just isn’t interesting to me. Who wants to go listen to Null Overlords and do “forced marches” in their CTAs? Certainly not I, a carebear.

But how can I have the best of all worlds, I asked myself one day, in my head? How can I mine, not have to worry about being constantly griefed at all times, stay in high security space, and ensure all my members would have content to enjoy in this lovely game?

Then, like a beam of sunlight from the heavens, I read the New Halaima Code of Conduct. James 315 opened my eyes. Now, I am a changed capsuleer.

By adhering to the law, a whole new world of business opportunity has opened for both myself and my organization. Now, I can offer citizens of New Eden something truly unique and good. Instead of simply taking, I am now giving.

No longer do we, as an organization, feel beholden to the elitist ore barons of the 0.5 systems! NO MORE TAXES! We are the tax. We are the PEOPLE. We take what is ours. Only those that open their ports to all or follow the Code will be spared from our righteous fury.

I am Maverick Destro and we are Zer0 Enterprises.